RPM is Here for You


Retired Principals of MESPA (RPM) are your colleagues who have retired from their principalships and remain active, engaged members of MESPA.

“MESPA was there for us before we retired and now RPM members want to be there for MESPA.”

Many RPM members continue to work in leadership and education related fields, volunteer in schools and the community, or have started their own businesses and companies. Please let RPM share some thoughts, insight, and support as you kick-off another school year.

Given the political climate in our country, the violence in our communities, and around the world, along with the volatile language reporting these events in the media, social and otherwise, anticipate that students may carry the psychological and behavioral impact into our schools and into our classrooms. This climate could definitely influence the learning environment. It potentially may also weigh heavily on staff and teachers. This is the time as leaders you may need to raise to higher ground the school climate and be prepared to manage and resolve, not avoid, conflict that might occur. We all need to be conscious of our moral and ethical responsibilities, avoid getting caught in the political fray, and consciously set an example of good character. Experienced principals will be prepared for this impact on the teaching/learning environment and draw on their leadership skills to handle any situations that might arise around these issues.

This may be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the importance of equity and how to resolve conflicting situations and differences of opinion. There may be a need to encourage teachers to help students become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and work at establishing good relationships. This is a good time to remember school leaders are responsible for the condition of the people, all of the people.

MESPA is always there to help you and the Retired Principals of MESPA stand with you. Best wished for a successful, enlightening and inspiring 2016-2017 school year.

Article by:
Byron Schwab, RPM Board
RPM MESPA Board of Directors Representative

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